Your child will meet one on one with Lauren. During these sessions they will discuss goals, challenges, recommendations, and strategies. Lauren will provide an outlet and a sounding board for all of your child’s questions about food, sleep, stress management and energy levels. They will work together to ensure that your child feels heard and supported in his or her wellness journey. They will discuss meal plans, shopping lists and recipes. Sessions for parents are also available.

Lauren is available to support the family or caregivers in executing the cooking and eating strategies. (see additional services). Lauren will also be on-call to answer any questions that arise between sessions. Our goal is the achievement of slow and steady lifestyle changes that make your child feel terrific! Kids will learn that there is no “bad” or “good” when it comes to eating and wellness. We will learn together how your child feels when he or she makes better decisions most of the time. Progress will be made one small leap at a time!

Grocery store tours

Meet Lauren at the grocery store to learn how to read labels, and shop for the meals you have planned. Build confidence in which items to choose in order to prepare the recipes for the week, or learn which packaged items serve as best choices when you just do not have time to cook.

Pantry and/or Fridge Makeover

Lauren will come to your home and discuss which items in your fridge and/or pantry will best support your wellness journey. She will also help you, or anyone who helps out in your kitchen, set up your fridge or pantry for the greatest odds of success. She will show you best practice strategies that take the temptation out of choosing what to eat. Preparation and presentation are key, especially when it comes to keeping your child feeling satisfied throughout his or her busy day. You will feel a sense of confidence and calm knowing that your kitchen is stocked full of great food options for your entire family. No more complaints of, “there’s nothing to eat!”

Food prep/Cooking lesson

Lauren will come to your home and teach you, or anyone that helps out in your kitchen, how to prepare any of the recipes you choose together. Especially if you are new to the cooking thing, you will gain confidence by having your coach right by your side. Some sample lesson topics include school lunches, sweet treats, after school snacks and grab and go breakfasts. Let Lauren show you how easy it can be to prepare delicious healthy food without the stress!

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